About Command Performance

Peter ("Pete") Pena

With 14 years experience repairing and modifying amps and guitars, as well as keyboards, bass, electronics, professional studio and live sound gear, Peter ("Pete") Pena has contributed his expertise to Chicago companies and venues including The Metro, Victory Gardens productions at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Depth Audio, CPE Sound and Music Garage Chicago.

Logging thousands of hours since 1998 in electronics and adjustments to create custom tones, his amplifier construction and restoration efforts cut across brand, make, model and era. In addition, his extensive experience in mobile repair and mixing for live sound, film and studio production work and his ability to diagnose issues offers an unsurpassed repair and enhancement capability. Peter has literally worked on almost every type of gear imaginable in live, film/tv or recording studio sound.

Jose Cardenas

From national acts to local bands, Jose offers top skills and experience gleaned from 500 repairs, tune-ups and set-ups on basses and guitar of all makes and types. For his extensive client base, including Billy Dickens (Stevie Wonder), Chris Poland (Megadeth/PolCatz) and Marty Casey (Lovehammers), he has spent hundreds of hours leveling frets, refretting and resetting necks, cleaning electronics, changing and modifying pick-ups, repairing humidity cracks, setting action and intonation, replacing strings and customizations. Formerly of CPE Sound and Music Garage Chicago, he has built a strong reputation for his outstanding customer service approach and ability to deliver work that consistenly makes his customers truly happy.

Rest assured, your guitar, amp, effects unit, studio outboard gear or live sound equipment is in good hands with Command Performance.